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⚡️VP of Growth - Cookbook, The one stop shop for all solidity contracts.🔥 Startup Growth Advisor to multiple startups in USA and Oceania.🎙️ Podcast Host - Web3 with Sam Kamani (A top 200 technology podcast)]
Everything that you need to know about Web3, NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto, DAOs, DEX, DeFi, Semantic Web, AI/ML, Metaverse and more...
📚 Author - “The 30 Day Startup, How to Create a Successful Tech Startup in 6 Weeks for Less than $50K” & “Business in the time of Corona, How to pivot your career or startup and succeed in disruption”🎤 I speak at tech startup and entrepreneurship related events like TEDx, Blockchain Summit(Dubai) and other global events on a regular basis.🚀 Co-founder –
"We are building eSports for finance. Our vision is to make trading and investment accessible for 2.6 Billion people"

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I speak about Entrepreneurship, SEO, scaling your company, Digital marketing, Growth Hacking, Startups, Gaming/eSports, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development, Validating your startup idea.I also Mentor or Judge at Hackathons and Tech Startup related events.My focus is always to educate and entertain in an interactive way from my life experiences.Best Audience: Startup and Entrepreneurship events, Associations, Digital Marketing and growth Conferences, Leadership Events and Panel Discussions.

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30 Day Startup
30 Day Startup


I am a marketer, gamer and an entrepreneur who is passionate about startups, technology and innovation. I am on a mission to change the world for good. Father, husband, son and a part time artist.Expertise and Skills
- Podcasting
- Product Validation and MVP development
- Growth hacking strategies
- SEO, SEM, PPC and Content Strategy
- Email and Social media marketing
- Marketing automation and AI
- Influencer marketing
- Chatbot and messenger marketing
- Direct marketing and Lead generation
- Increasing ROI of overall advertising
- Business development
- Managing staff and leading a team
- Managing and growing businesses
- Strategic planning
2 X Exits, 3 X founder, 2 X Author
E-Commerce Exporter of the Year 2014
Amazon bestselling author

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All About Web 3.0

This Podcast is all about Web 3.0 and how it is going to change the world.If you are interested in the learning more about the 4th Industrial revolution then this podcast is for you.What is Web 3.0?Web 3.0 or Web 3 is often hailed as the technology that will usher in the 4th industrial revolution.This revolution is going to affect every industry, business, government and person on this planet. Web 3.0 is a collection of technologies that are going to change how we collaborate with each other and interact with our environment.✅ Web 3.0 is the Semantic web✅ Web 3.0 is Artificial intelligence & Machine learning✅ Web 3.0 is Blockchain, Smart contracts etc..✅ Web 3.0 is Crypto, NFTs✅ Web 3.0 is AR/VR✅ Web 3.0 is DeFi, DAOs and de-centralised✅ Web 3.0 is much more.Contact me if you have founded or funded a company in Web 3.0 space, I will like to talk with you. Or reach out to me on twitter or linkedin.


Want Money Got money podcast with Sam Kamani

New Web 3.0 Podcast launching soonThis Podcast is all about funding and making you successful to help you bring your ideas to life.On this podcast I interview guests who are mostly founders, entrepreneurs or investors, who are either raising money or who fund startups by investing in them.My goal is to help you get better at funding and so you can fuel your dreams.

All About Web 3.0

All About Web 3.0

All About Web 3.0